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XBody is an electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) device that allows you to sculpt the body in an efficient and optimized way. A 20-minute Xbody training session is equivalent to an intensive sport training of 2 to 4 hours.

XBody training is appropriate for women and men who want to sculpt their silhouette, redraw their muscle structure, reduce their fat mass and tone their body. This device makes it possible, to firm the belly, to refine or strengthen the thighs, to taper the calves and to firm or increase the volume of the gluteal muscles.

Electrical muscle stimulation (EMS)

What is EMS?

Electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) or myoelectric stimulation involves triggering muscle contraction using electrical impulses. The electric pulses are delivered by electrodes placed on the skin in the immediate vicinity of the muscles that needs to be stimulated.

The impulses faithfully reproduce the processes involved in the regular muscular contraction (i.e. controlled by our brain). The muscles do not differentiate between a voluntary contraction and an electro-induced contraction: the result is identical and optimized. The intensity of the electro-induced contractions is in fact 30% higher than that of the voluntary contractions.

A safe and effective device

The benefit of Electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) on the body has been known for more than 40 years. EMS has long been used by top athletes to improve their performance and optimize their recovery as well as by physiotherapists for muscle rehabilitation.

The XBody protocol

Fruit of 10 years of research and development, the XBody protocol combines muscle electrostimulation with a smooth training session. XBody has been developed in France by a physiotherapist specialized in high-level professional athletes with the help of which recovery protocols have been implemented and can be tailored to suit everyone.

The interest of XBody compared to a traditional training

This session can also be more intense for the trained athletes, and specific to movements dedicated to a given discipline to obtain results on the body much more effective than a training traditional sports (fitness, bodybuilding) and without the constraints for the joints implied by carrying of heavy loads of bodybuilding for example.

The XBody device comes in the form of an adaptable and ergonomic combination, equipped with an electronic system (18 to 22 electrodes are distributed throughout the combination). The combination diffuses programmed electrical impulses that will solicit targeted muscle groups according to the work objective set.

The electropostural method

The XBody protocol is based on an electroposturale® method that aims to sculpt the body and anticipate musculoskeletal disorders for a healthy purpose (such as the prevention of osteoporosis). This method involves performing dynamic movements to counteract electrically stimulated muscle contractions.

Unlike a single electro-stimulator that applies to one area of ​​the body at a time, XBody allows intensive work on the entire body synchronously throughout the session and synchronously.

XBody offers a considerable time saving compared to the practice of fitness and bodybuilding: 20-minute session is equivalent to 2 to 4 hours of intensive muscular training. A session of 20 minutes can indeed burn between 200 and 500 calories. At the end of the session, a sensation of well-being is felt thanks to the release of endorphins.

For which type of patient(e)?

The practice of XBody is indicated for women and men who wish to:

  • Sculpt and tone their body
  • Reduce their fat and weight
  • Strengthen their muscles
  • Increase their strength and endurance
  • Correct their posture,
  • Firm their belly,
  • Increase the volume of the gluteal muscles
  • Refine and taper their thighs
  • Galber their legs,
  • Reduce cellulite
  • Work a specific part of the body leaving the other at rest (in the context of operative suites for example)
  • Develop particularly muscles for movements specific to certain sports
  • Rebalance the architecture muscular between dominant and non-dominant side (right-handed / left-handed).
  • Harmonizing the agonist / antagonist balance for certain pathologies (back pain, joint disorders).

The XBody device is an adaptable combination that diffuses programmed electrical impulses in such a way as to solicit muscle groups targeted selo n the work objective set.

Description of a XBody training session

A personalized session

Each session of XBody is personalized according to your anatomy and your objectives. You will be accompanied by a coach who will develop the working protocol and accompany you throughout the training.

As part of postoperative sports rehabilitation, the protocol will have been defined between Dr. C. Kron and the coach beforehand according to your objectives.

An intensive training of 20 minutes

For a duration of 20 minutes, a session of XBody is composed of micro-sequences that alternate gymnastic exercises assisted by stimulation of targeted muscle areas and very short rest period.

The session is painless even if we feel the tingling inherent in electrostimulation that may surprise at first.

One to two sessions a week for a few weeks can show spectacular results, comparable to several months of intensive sports training. XBody has an unmatched time / efficiency ratio.

During a session of Xbody, you are accompanied by a coach who develops the protocol of work according to your anatomy and your objectives.

A global approach to body reshaping

Coming from medical and sports research, XBody training finds its place in the global care center for body architecture created by Dr. Cédric Kron. Dr. Kron has implemented a system of post-operative rehabilitation and coaching for recovery or enhancement of fitness and sports assisted by EMS using the X-Body system.

XBody in the context of a muscular re-education

After an intervention of cosmetic surgery, the XBody protocol allows a particularly effective postoperative muscular rehabilitation while avoiding any articular or tendon impact.

As part of a treatment of excess fat

XBody also appears as an effective complement to all interventions that reduce fat, such as lipoaspiration or cryolipolysis (the first non-invasive treatment of lasting fat removal).

The objective of a comprehensive management of the body silhouette is to amplify the results of each technique taken individually. For example:

  • Session of lipoaspiration or cryolipolysis can permanently remove some unsightly fat deposits (saddlebags, love handles, abdominal belly, strong arms, …) and redraw the body.
  • Continuing on the X-Body will develop the underlying muscle architecture so that it redraws under the skin, to tone the skin opposite (attenuation of cellulite or orange peel, better drainage, …), to become aware of one’s muscular body, to tone it and to gain it. The body will then continue to redraw itself naturally, amplifying the results of liposuction or cryolipolysis.
  • The final aesthetic result will be amplified, the general well-being increased tenfold and the physical form found again.
  • With XBody, the patient participates actively in the remodeling of his body for a benefit that becomes global, psycho-corporal on the one hand but also in terms of health with cardiovascular benefits and lifestyle.